A B O U T 

S C O T T  L O C K W O O D

After working as a commercial fashion & beauty 

photographer in Los Angeles for over 20 years....













.....and then relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area

where I was raised, to concentrate more on my b&w, fine art

work, I recently discovered that I missed the energy and

satisfaction of collaborating with other talented creatives to

produce creative visual solutions that meet the needs of commercial clients. Therefore, I've decided to re-enter the

commercial photography market again. However, this time

I'll be concentrating on three of my other interests, food, architectural/interior and conceptual product work. 


My fine tuned visual acuity gleaned from years of composing 

through a viewfinder as well as learning to light an incredible

variety of things from people, to products, to interiors, to vehicles,

etc., etc., has been ingrained in me to the point where I now also

have the ability to work quite rapidly with most any subject matter.

In fact, when things aren't working visually, are out of balance or lit poorly, etc., etc., I almost instinctively know what needs to be done

to turn an image into something that possesses a distinctive style with a definite WOW factor. In addition, I also have the ability to come up with creative ideas quickly that work on a commercial level, I'm a studio lighting and composition master and an award winning Photoshop artist and graphic designer that can take projects all 

the way from conception though completion,...including 

performing printer press checks for offset printing jobs.